During the development of the MAI®440GE, great efforts were made to achieve very high process safety. Separate mixing and pumping modules prevent reflux of water into the dry zone. A sophisticated water tolerance monitoring system with selectable tolerance range ensures constant material consistency and thus a constant water / cement ratio. Various parameters can be individually configured in an intelligent control system, e.g. adjusted to the materials used, to minimize operator errors.















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The proven robust construction using galvanized and stainless steel, combined with the MAI®CODUR plastic elements in wet areas, provide a sustainable product with a long service life. The generously dimensioned mixer with its exterior and interior plastic components guarantees the best mixing results even with difficult materials, such as fiber reinforced concrete repair mortar. The pump module, also containing plastic components, allows a variable flow rate and is equipped with an agitator to keep the mixed mortar in motion during working brakes. The intelligent control system of the machine supports the operating personnel by pre-programmed functions, so operating errors are less likely. It also provides pressure regulation and pressure limiting functions for injections.


Because of its design and optional expansion modules, MAI®400GE is a very universal high-performance mixing pump for an extremely wide range of applications. It can be used for injections, backfilling, geothermal injections, grouting and the application of shotcrete with or without accelerators in civil engineering, but also for applications in concrete restoration. Equally as wide as the range of applications is the range of materials which can be processed, from simple anchor mortars  or highly specialized fine grained remediation materials to fiber-reinforced products