Completely unflappable
The MAI®4EVER Super is the right choice for extreme applications and difficult to process materials. The patented mixing zone has been extended specially to ensure that the material remains in the mixing zone for longer. The result speaks for itself. Outstanding mixing quality which can stand up to any comparison.
 ever_super ever_super2
• operating pressures of over 40 bar• hose lengths up to 60 m
• EASY-CLEAN function - convenient cleaning due to plastic lining of the entire mixing zone
• outstanding mixing quality due to patented conveyor mixing zone and completely innovative water injection
• high added value due to use of hot-dip galvanized steel parts, stainless steel parts and high-quality, three-dimensional cross-linked plastics
• constant material consistency due to advanced water metering

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In all MAI®4EVER machines, the material is mixed in one pass by a single main motor and delivered in the desired quantity. The quantity mixed and delivered may be varied at will by using worm pumps with different dimensions.

• sensational mixing quality due to the extended mixing zone
• higher output due to the optionally available 7.5 kW planetary gear motor
• EASY-CLEAN function - effortless cleaning thanks to wear-resistant MAI®CODUR plastic components
• the up-to-date automated control system reliably prevents costly machine and staff idle times

• Industrial screeds
• Underwater concrete
• Special concrete up to max. 8 mm
• Jointing compounds